Celebrating the Spirits of Texas’ Past, Present, and Future

If you’re like me, you are excited about Texas’ burgeoning distilling industry.  You’ve probably swaggered into the local liquor store looking to show your Texas pride, but find yourself immediately overwhelmed by the shear number of new Texas products on the shelf.  As of December 2013, there were over 50 active distilling permits in Texas, and these distillers are producing over 100 bottled products that can be found in stores today.  Where do you start?  The label can only contain so much information and is often unclear.  TX Spirits Geek is here to help fill in the gaps!

My Goal is Simple

Provide folks with an unbiased, consolidated source for up-to-date information on Texas distilleries and spirits.  I will never tell you which products you should or shouldn’t like for any reason.  Instead, I want to provide you with enough information to make that decision yourself based on the things you care about.

Who is the TX Spirits Geek?

Hi, my name is Andy.  I live in Austin and I love Texas!  Like most Texans, I’m proud of my state and I enjoy a good drink with good company.


Me and my beautiful wife, Korie

A few years ago, I recognized the growing trend of distilled spirit products with Texas on the label.  Since then, as a hobby, I’ve been frantically trying to keep up as the industry has been growing exponentially.  When I started falling behind, I made a commitment to buy only products produced in Texas.  Now, I’ve got another problem; I’ve bought so many Texas products to try, that my liquor cabinet is full of bottles exclusively from Texas!  I guess there are worse problems to have…